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“Kacee is a great vocal coach!!  In the short time that I have worked with Kacee I have seen a difference in my range; I can sing notes in registers that I never thought I could reach.  I have also improved as a performer because I have greater stamina and strength when I’m singing live; even when I’m dancing.”

– Nia Sioux, from The Bold and the Beautiful(CBS) and Dance Moms (Lifetime), dancer/recording artist, actor


“Kacee is the total package. A superstar performer with the unique ability to combine her wonderful song interpretation skills with an extensive knowledge of proper vocal technique. I cannot imagine directing a musical without her!”

– Tricia Small, director, Bella Vita Entertainment


“My client, Nia Sioux, had been studying with a very reputable vocal coach for several years but I wasn’t seeing any growth.  I sent her to Kacee and not only did I immediately see a huge difference in her technique, but Nia’s confidence blossomed, her vocal range increased, her pitch consistency was vastly improved and she was able to broaden her skills enough to perform without tracks.  I would recommend Kacee to anyone I know who wants to perfect their technique and work with the most positive and supportive vocal coach I know.”

– Lesley Brander, Manager, Monogram Management Group

"I remember the day I met Kacee at a Voice Camp back in 2012. That initial interaction made me choose to pack my bags and move from Switzerland to the U.S. to get a chance to learn from her. Throughout the years Kacee coached me as a vocalist, a performer and a songwriter. My voice became stronger, my performance more confident and my songwriting deeper and more poetic. She always challenged me to go beyond what I thought was possible and most importantly, she was always there for guidance and advice. 

Getting to do a record with her and have her produce it was one of the big highlights of my career so far. Kacee is one of the most caring and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with and I am glad to call her a friend. Not only is she the real deal, but she’s also the absolute full package." 

- Michelle Ariane, voice teacher and recording artist, Switzerland/USA


“The first thing to know is it is impossible to put all of the incredible and extraordinary things about Kacee into a few sentences… In the first six months of working with her I have grown more in every aspect as a singer than in all of the years of vocal training I have had combined. Voice wise, Kacee is the vocal guru and performance wise she's a warrior who is not afraid to go deep. But that’s not all. More importantly, I have never met such wise, caring and inspiring woman in my life. Our lessons are so much more than just singing and perfecting technique (which we also do!), but with Kacee, I feel like a better person every time we finish a lesson and always take away wise words to live by. Whether it’s laughing over a constant string of jokes, ugly-crying over beautifully tragic songs, or digging deep into character work, Kacee is a constant inspiration to me as a singer and as a person. I cannot express enough how grateful and lucky I am to be her student. If that’s not enough for you, then hear this... She can break a glass with her belt!”

– Olivia Ondrasik, music theatre student 


“She has an electrifying yet extremely warm presence. Kacee encourages her students to stretch themselves in areas that they felt they were weak in and reminds them of their strength. You are bound to grow as a performer. She is a wonderful teacher!”

– Tshegofatso Mhlongo, South African singer/actor, formerly Nala in The Lion King, currently with Disneyland Hong Kong


“Kacee has an immaculate ability to not only assess strengths and weaknesses, but she motivates you to embrace them until you've reached a harmonious balance and excelled beyond what you thought was possible.”

– Sean Pflum, musician/teacher and former student at LA Music Academy


“I was inspired to contact Kacee after seeing her in ‘A Night With Janis Joplin’ in S.F. She lit me on fire with her incredible vocal prowess and what I could see was very solid vocal technique. As I have been wanting to sing rock for many years I did an online lesson with her. She is warm, friendly, humorous and generously shares her life experience as a singer as it relates to good self care, technique and life on the road. Very useful. Coming back for more!”

– Renée Benmeleh, world music singer, founder of Bay Area Vocal Improv

"In my opinion, Kacee is one of the best coaches you can find and an excellent mentor if you want to grow as an artist. Especially because she is on stage herself and knows what she's talking about.  Above all, we worked on song interpretation, songwriting, genre-specific vocal techniques and performance. She didn’t hesitate to mention your strengths, but also addressed weaknesses in a direct and encouraging way, so that I could quickly make improvements.  Ever since, I feel safe and confident on stage, working with fellow musicians and the way I want to interpret and present a song on its various levels. It is thanks to Kacee that many of the young artists I now coach come to me for that very reason. Thank you Kacee for everything you have taught me. I would always recommend you and your skills as a coach."

 - Tabea Elkarra – singer, songwriter, vocal & performance coach, Berlin, Germany

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