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NOTE:  All in-person private students will be asked to provide references prior to scheduling the first session.  Contact Kacee for details.


Rates vary depending on a variety of factors, including booking frequency, signed vs. unsigned artist, length of session, etc.  Package deals and struggling student incentives also offered.


Kacee is happy to travel to see clients at their homes, on set, in the studio, or on the road for an extra fee.  Rates vary depending on the distance, duration, frequency, etc.


Kacee teaches on Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.  Rates vary depending on the above mentioned factors.  Package deals and struggling student incentives also offered.


The following are representative examples of the material covered in Kacee’s Performance Master Classes, Series and Workshops.  Programs are always tailored to individual and curricular needs.

Master Class / Master Series


The Art of Performance:  A Marriage of Mind, Body, and Soul


Topics covered (to the extent that time allows):

  • The Importance of Warming Up and Warming Down: Vocalizing, balance work, free movement, breathing, centering emotionally and physically, engaging core; discussion of vocal care; how to deal with performance anxiety

  • Integration of Vocal Technique:  Pitch/intonation, enunciation/diction, range, breathing/core engagement, improvisation, rhythmic emphasis and placement, groove/pocket, stylistic elements, phrasing, dynamics, texture/tone

  • Physical Elements of Performance:  Physical movement, use of space, appearance, expression, communication with audience and accompanist/band, microphone technique, overall stage presence

  • Integration of Acting Technique as it Applies to Vocal and Physical Performance: Finding your truth, the importance of telling the story, emotional choices, moving beyond language barriers 

  • Accessing the Creative Center:  Interpretation/arrangement, uniqueness, appropriateness of song choice, relevancy to modern industry, original composition vs. covers, application of influences

  • Owning Your Art:  Approaching all elements of performance with honesty, believability, professionalism and confidence; the importance of doing the work; clearly defining your strengths and weaknesses, and embracing them all; committing to being the very best version of your artistic self


NOTE:  This class is part group discussion and part performance evaluation.  There will be either be a small ensemble or a piano accompanist.  If it is necessary, there will be a translator familiar with the above terminology.



  • Audition etiquette – do’s and don’ts

  • Materials:  headshots/photos, resumes, recorded demos, etc.

  • Slating (introducing yourself and brief exchange about selection)

  • Selecting appropriate and relevant songs

  • Leading with your strengths

  • Dealing with nerves and self-consciousness 

  • Relating to and communicating with the powers-that-be

Background Vocals

  • Stage presence:  movement, use of space, attitude, emotion, coordination, appropriate choreography

  • Vocal technique:  blending, harmonizing, vibrato vs. no vibrato, cut-offs, vowels and consonants 

  • Communication with musicians, other singers, lead artist, musical director, sound engineer, stage manager, section leader

  • General rules re hierarchy, preparedness, workbooks, shorthand for BGVs 


Music Theatre

  • Audition etiquette – do’s and don’ts

  • Picking songs and monologues

  • Materials:  headshots, resumes

  • Equity vs. non-Equity

  • Maintaining vocal health during an 8-show week

  • Breaking down theatre schedules, from tech rehearsals to closing night

  • How to navigate press and promo

  • What to know when you negotiate your contract

  • Agent and/or manager - do you need one or both?

  • Types of theatre, from 99 seat to Broadway

NOTE:  Some workshops are part group discussion and part performance evaluation.  If there is a performance evaluation element, there will be either an ensemble or a piano accompanist.  If it is necessary, there will be a translator familiar with the relevant terminology.

[Prices vary depending on the program needs.]

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